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WTwo serious P-38 collectors with differing views on the cyq/cvq issue for Spreewerke. The HWa A kept exhaustive records and the letters cvq were NEVER assigned. Although he noted there may be other ideas, he definitely leaned towards a simple broken die. It was modern forensic research and done professionally by a metallurgist, Jan Balcar himself a little over two years ago that confirmed the broken die. No way to refute rock solid evidence performed by a specialist. Balcar stands on this...until he saw with his own eyes the evidence displayed before him, he had never been a follower of the broken die!

I spoke to him the week he thought of the research method and immediately after he finished it. He argued for decades against it and was trying to prove it using the research.

The eagle 359 is a Waffen Amt assigned to the Walther factory in 1937 or 38 and used on ALL Walther military production till the end of the war.

It had Nothing to do with the "production code", which was originaly 480 and in late 1940 was changed to ac. Also add the Spreewerk cvq which started in the z block The frogs did Not proof anything made by them durring the year they operated the Oberndorff plant except with the star.

Either this gun is really unique, or was stamped with fake "eagle" 359 codes to make it worth try to get some pictures The "eagle 359 stamp are put on all Walther pistols as acceptance stamps or Waffenampts as they are called.The S/N blocks continued with the STAR but IMHO without any Nazi markings.Miy SVW 46 with BH stamp is not a scrubbed WWll Nazi P-38, as many other Austrian use P-38s were. To go with the BH marking a great 1957 dated Holster, marked "STOLLA WIEN ". I was just gonna' let my statement stand 'cause I try NEVER to post anything that I'm not sure of. Yes, there were 500 Ls assembled some years later from stored parts. The blued frog SVWs were police and the phosfate ones were military.I've never heard of a legit svw 46 with any wartime proofed parts. I've never heard of a legit svw 46 with any wartime proofed parts. Also, next to dissasembly lever, to the right of the SN is code 0"eagle" . after looking at this site none of the mumbers seem to make any sense.The gun has the "zero" series "Eagle" 359 code on all the parts, but the serial numbers contradict themselves.

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