Pyrex glass dating

Autumn Harvest comes in both rust-red and orange and was the last pattern made for refrigerator sets.

Not to be confused with the promo pattern “Wheat” which features tan on brown.

As you can imagine, promotional Pyrex patterns can be quite expensive.

While estate sales aren’t the only places to find vintage Pyrex, they’re a pretty good way to start your search, especially as the Baby Boomers begin to let go of their collections.By 1922, the Pyrex line featured 22 different pieces that served various purposes.But the colored vintage Pyrex bowls, which debuted in 1947 and lasted well into the 1980s are what collectors go crazy over.You can often find better deals at an estate sale than you’ll find online. Part of Pyrex’s popularity is due to the nostalgia factor.Many collectors love Pyrex simply because it reminds them of childhood.

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Pyrex patterns are classified as Standard or Promotional.

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