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In private Lewis described himself as a communist, though we must have some doubts as to what he thought that meant.He spent the war years in the United States and Canada, and supported Roosevelt’s New Deal.For Lewis the philosophy and the politics were new in the 1920s, but his concern with the circumstances of the production of art was not.We should recall that more than ten years before these theorizations appeared, Lewis was established as a considerable visual artist.

During the mid-1920s he deals with ideas that open more naturally towards socialism and anarchism than they do towards the right and to fascism; some of these are discussed below.

He founded and organized the Vorticist movement in London between 19, creating an exciting and substantial, if rather brief, British contribution to European modernism.

His own work drew upon developments in visual art in Paris, and among the Italian Futurists and German expressionists.

That book and those views mark an inescapable point of reference for the understanding of Lewis’s politics, and for that reason the name of Hitler appears in my title.

But what of the further presence there of the French anarchist and socialist, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon?

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For many, the publication of Lewis’s uncritical in 1931 settles the matter: an already-present tendency climaxes in the delusions that Hitler was “a Man of Peace” (title of Part II, ch.

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