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-Position in a sequence of rock- more than 1 layer is similar in rocks from different places.

See, the clock for radioactive elements starts at crystallization.So if you try to run radiometric dating on a sedimentary rock, you won’t determine the age of that rock—that is, when the sediments were compacted and cemented to form a new layer. However, there is a problem, a really big one: Its half-life is only 5730 years.Instead, you’ll determine how long ago the rock formed—not very helpful. It might not seem like it, but that is a really short half-life, and Ealong.-geologists had a relative geologic time scale and knew Earth was very old, but didn't know how old until radioactivity provided a way to directly date rocks. measure parent/daughter ratio (% parent remaining) with a mass spectrometer. I want to start this week’s entry by saying that I really hadn’t intended this topic to take up three posts!

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