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Or two months ago you were SO SURE that Chely would go back to CAM.So forgive me for not believing the Lauren Blitzer thing for one second and for finding your "twitter logic" highly amusing I know it is kind of funny how Chely can't just be friends with any of these women, she must be hooking up with them.Wasn't Sarah mad at some thing in the NY York times last week that was false. It's only fun, I realize - but a lesson none the less. Also, I've already explained to you why I'm on this thread. That may change if she becomes more outspoken re: issues like DADT. 165 here, I was making fun of the poster who said LB and CW were seen at Starbucks being very affectionate. Come on, I don't think Chely and Lauren would be that affectionate in public. :)Interesting Twitter exchange today: LB @chelywright you're a good lady. She said she has someone post for her and they tell her what messages she has been receiving. Is it my imagination, or had Lulu tweeted something to KChenoweth about being excited to see her tomorrow (on Friday).Maybe I am wrong but I think Chely and Sarah are together that's why they stop twitting each other they could still be communicating, but through Phone or email instead. I wonder if it is really true that SP cheated on Cherry with JM. Mostly, because I find people like you hilarious to read. No one I know has ever heard of Chely, nor is she in the press very often. I've said it before, but she'd make a fabulous GLBT speaker--rather than trying to string together a tour. I'd say this pairing is a hot, quick, passionate love affair based on the signs. So we think Chely and Lauren are having alot of sex right now. Who's the top and who's the bottom in this relationship? Anyone can make up stories on the net, don't believe them. I forget what it was but i got the impression they'd all be doing something together on Saturday, but I don't see it now. OK don't be mad I know who CAM is but just wondering if mamaseeta1 had ever written anything that could remotely have been interpreted to be about Chely?Could be the same Julie she was playing scrabble with the other day... Well, I think if she's snuggling with anyone it's certainly LB. I'm sure there is plenty left with can "detective" out Chely and Lauren were keeping quiet on Twitter for a few days but they're back at it [email protected] Thank for asking, Lulu. If I was Lauren I would be questioning that, of course, that's if Chely and Lauren are dating. Cherry Jones is a fascinating woman and sexy in her way as well. I do not own a tv - and I do not read The Advocate. Its great that she came out but she isn't a major celebrity overall or even in the gay community. Okay r151, the only place you've seen Chely mentioned is on DL? She just happens to be one of the most important public gays of our time, it seems to me.So Chely posted the following on FB today:"Headed home to New York City. I guess she's giddy like a seventh grader dating for the first time. The Indigo Girls' Holiday record will be released on October 12th, 2010. xo [email protected] @lulublitzer -That's why the Indigo Girls are releasing their record on that date. It seemed with SP she was flaunty in the way she talks with Linda Perry and Kristen Chenoweth. Think the biggest clues that she is with LB is that when LB came back from italy C tweeted a big ":)" then started quoting the lyrics to "unknown" then the next day she said she left her umbrella somewhere and LB said "one woman's lost umbrella is another woman's found one"yeah, it's sounds chit-chatty with LB but i'm sure C must be a dork at heart, in the best possibly way, so probably the more comfortable she feels with someone, the more this side would come out Maybe so...maybe not. Doesn't LB look like she's wearing a wedding ring in her Twit photo? The major (gay) celebs are Ellen, Jodie, Rosie, Melissa, Cherry, Portia etc. I, for one, come to this thread, not because I really care about Chely but because I find some of you fascinating/hysterical, especially posters like r143. She's sure is doing a lot to bring awareness and seems to be pretty freaking smart.

I'm trying to sit beside you at some point and heal an old wound.. She'd had a girlfriend before Chely, and she dated another girl after Chely.

I agree if she was dating LB they would email/call instead of twitting each other. BUT: my best friend works at Starbuck's in Brooklyn and she says that Chely and Lauren are there together almost every day. To the rest of the public (non-country), I'm pretty sure they don't know her by name. But if they ARE dating, begs the question why isn't LB with Chely at her event? She was at the baseball game with Chely where religious material was given to them.

I think this rumor that Sarah is back with Cherry is false. I love how the folks on this thread are putting their own spin on what Chely's life is like based on her Tweets. It makes me remember the times when I've had my own projections about things and been so certain I knew wtf I was talking about - only to be proven WRONGWRONGWRONG in the end. Clearly your a big fan of her and I don't mean to belittle your current favorite celebrity but as I said, on a regular basis, DL is the ONLY place I've seen her mention regularly. Instead, LB tweets "Saturday just turned from quiet to busy! Fairway, ikea, cooking and cleaning."Chely Wright Part 3 Heard an interview with Chely and she said she does not go on FB or twitter. Also, Lori worked for Ricky Skaggs, which Chely mentions in her book.

She's now estranged from her mom who she calls her hero in the beginning and then the part about not having love or a "person" but having music... The gambling was endearing I keep trying to post url's herein but the server rejects them.

Just go to youtube and search for Chely Wright 'Path To Stardom' documentary part 1Chely Wright 'Path To Stardom' documentary part 2Chely Wright 'Path To Stardom' documentary part 3LOL That guest list is weird. R22, Chely tweeted just "hi" to Lauren a short while ago.

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