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Her parents had taken a dim view of her artistic leanings. Doré, 39, has long since found her bearings, and then some.“They worried,” she recalled in her quaintly Gallicized English, “that I would end up poor, alone — how do you say? With her mentor and romantic partner, Scott Schuman, the photographer behind The Sartorialist, the pioneering street-style blog, she has been swift to gain ardent admirers of her own.She sketched under a nom de web inspired by the 19th-century illustrator Gustave Doré.“I thought the name was chic,” Ms. “I feel like I’ve almost grown up with her,” said Sara Jones, 19, an art history student and an organizer of Ms.

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So for the time being, at least, the two most influential style bloggers in the universe have not officially been joined in matrimony.

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Our mutual respect and admiration for each other have left us still great friends.

Our time together profoundly changed both of our lives for the better and I deeply thank her for that experience.

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Indeed, it’s hard to shake the perception that she is not only gaining on Mr. For me, writing and illustration are just a part of my daily life, like cooking. Schuman suffers as well from a perception that he is irascible, guarded and given to loutish pronouncements. “Whether you like them or not, they add to the story,” said Gregory Littley, the director of strategy at ICED Media, a digital marketing firm in New York.

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