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Please always check with your naturopathic physician before combining herbs with prescription drugs.Do not take sedative herbs during pregnancy or breastfeeding.The berries can be made in to a nice aperitif for those with a low libido.If you have any questions please leave a comment for Dr Nicole Sundene Naturopathic Physcian. I’m Carole, writer, ritual keeper and slow loving enthusiast.You can make some tea, or grab some capsules of the organic root and take two capsules twice a day.This herb is specifically intended for those that are exhausted and agitated or debilitated by stress.

In recent research, passion flower extract at 45 drops daily (tincture) was shown to be as effective as oxazepam (similar to valium).In ayurvedic medicine ashawganda is a renowned anti-aging and rejuvenating herb.#3 Schisandra- Referred to as “Chinese Prozac” this herb is commonly unappreciated and underutilized in American herbal practice.My work is steeped deep in ancient ways, earth medicine and ritual.It’s about holding the space for you to find entry points to your inner medicine – one pause – one breath – one healing ritual at a time at my slow rest retreats and here on my blog.

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A potent anxiety reliever, kava offers a non-alcoholic way to wind down at the end of the day, especially if you’re working late or you have trouble falling asleep.

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