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Due to Facebook's slow reaction, a report was compiled and sent to the understands that Whats App was provided with only one sample of the recent child abuse material from the newspaper—after which it banned every group member.

The group in question, roughly a day old, had already been flagged for review, the company indicated.

Many users don't like the idea of having their conversations reviewed, even if it's done by software and rarely by Facebook employees.

newspaper reported Thursday that one group chat recently active, titled "Kids boy gay," contained more than 250 members—some from the U. Participants inside the group were reportedly requesting "cp videos," referring to child abuse material.

The company uses machine learning to scan unencrypted information on the platform, such as profile and group profile photos.

It automatically compares those to the Photo DNA banks.

The scanning program looks for certain phrases found in previously obtained chat records from criminals, including sexual predators (because of the Reuters story, we know of at least one alleged child predator who is being brought before the courts as a direct result of Facebook's chat scanning).

On Thursday, a Whats App spokesperson told : "Whats App has a zero-tolerance policy around child sexual abuse.Read more: Space agency NASA warns data potentially stolen in breach The finding comes after two Israeli charities—Netivei Rishet and Screensaverz—warned Facebook about the spread of the material in September, the reported.The groups said initial requests for meetings with the local head of policy and communications at Facebook's Israel office, Jordana Cutler, went unanswered.Professor Hany Farid, a developer of the Photo DNA system, told the more work needs to be done by tech companies to combat the spread of abuse material."You would think we could all just get behind this," he said.

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Facebook's extensive but little-discussed technology for scanning postings and chats for criminal activity automatically flagged the conversation for employees, who read it and quickly called police.

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