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For starters, in a world where sex toys that respond and give feedback and artificial-intelligence-powered sex robots are inching toward the mainstream, are digisexuals a fringe group, destined to remain buried in the sexual underground?

Or, in a culture permeated with online pornography, sexting and Tinder swiping, isn’t everyone a closet digisexual?

Dubai Police are deploying a robot policeman, and the life-sized patrolman is straight out of the uncanny valley.

Those practitioners form deeper relationships through immersive technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and AI-equipped sex robots, sometimes obviating the need for a human partner altogether.“What they’ve been into is sex tech, toys they can control with their tech devices, that attach to their penis or their vulva,” she said.— with an AI-equipped brain that allows the doll to wink, chat and murmur sweet nothings, like some boudoir Siri.(A male version named Henry with a bionic penis is in the works.).“While sex was a component, it wasn’t the only component,” Mc Mullen said.The 3-metre tall robot will carry heavy equipment and will be manoeuvred by a police officer seated in a cabin inside.An egg-shaped robot will be used in parking areas to issue warning about traffic violations, and self-driving motorcycles could also be sent out." Robo Cop is real -- at least, in the Middle East.

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On You Tube, the Khaleej Times posted an "exclusive chat" with the robot crime fighter.

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