Sex dating in west hickory pennsylvania

Holly Sue Thomas from Swarthmore PA purposefully and willfully pitted us against each other so that he would only trust her and I wouldn’t trust either of them.

He’s gone-threw him out of the house in February right after I found out. Holly Sue Thomas from Swarthmore PA did this over the course of 8 months.

Holly Sue Thomas from Swarthmore PA, who is not a real woman because real women are not home wreckers, posed as someone who was lonely and everyone in her life had turned against her.

Holly Sue Thomas from Swarthmore PA came into our lives posing as a friend-first to my husband and then to me.

She BRAGGED to us about the married men she had been with.

Little did I know that soon afterwards Holly Sue Thomas from Swarthmore PA started having an affair with my husband. Holly Sue Thomas from Swarthmore PA had been posting EVERYTHING on her blog-telling the world all of our business and then coming in between my husband and I after 20 years of being together.

here is her pic, and after meeting her, I am not sure how she gets these pics, filters forever.

He is currently manipulating a new married woman, but my hands are tied. This woman likes sleeping with her married coworkers.

She is over 35 years old and never married and has no children. She goes after coworkers and anyone else that will fall for her.

Considering my ex did the same to me main difference was we were never married.

Women need to respect marriages they would want someone to respect their marriage should they marry one day .

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