Sexual purity when dating after divorce

I believe they’re complicit in lending legitimacy to a book written by an unmarried 21 year old about how to find a mate.

(This isn’t unprecedented; Bill Gothard’s IBLP program, made famous by the many, many Duggars, is a set of rules about marriage and child-rearing written by a never-married octogenarian who turned out to have been abusing teen girls for decades.)In his less-successful sequel, BOY MEETS GIRL, Harris chronicles his experience of courting and marrying his eventual wife, now soon-to-be ex.

It feels like the final nail in the coffin that following the “rules” down to the letter doesn’t unlock everything you want or a perfect life.

It shows the system itself is so broken that it’s not even successful for the guy who invented it.

I didn’t realize how much the cult of virginity had affected me for years afterward.

Even after I’d turned away from the church, it nipped at my heels.

Instead, you should be thinking about how to serve your mate.For those who never read it, I KISSED DATING GOODBYE was the handbook in purity culture; all my evangelical peers read it and discussed it.The gist: dating had failed as a system (just look at all the divorce rampant in society — breakups are like mini-divorces!) and this was due to the fact that courtship had fallen out of fashion.Follow this road map, and your life will be golden.

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Purity culture was in my head more than I’d known or cared to admit.

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