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The endpoint for the hyperlink is moderately smart.The server inspects the user agent to decide where to redirect.This min Runtime Version parameter lets you say which version you need.If the installed version is older, the on Error handler will be invoked.Besides templates, it is also common to want to do this for graphical resources, such as brushes and shapes.If you have a particular color scheme in use in your application, you might define the colors and brushes for that scheme as resources.

There are certain kinds of objects usually corrected through XAML that you might want to be able to use in multiple places in your application.

Microsoft provides a Java Script file called that allows the loading process to be managed from the browser script.

Visual Studio adds a copy when you create a web project to host a newly created Silverlight project.

Silverlight passes numeric error codes to the error handling Java Script function, and there is a distinct error code, ‘8001’ as it happens, to indicate that the plug-in is out of date.

You can write Java Script code to respond to the problem, or you can just ask the plug-in to attempt to upgrade for you.

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