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These figures outline some interesting single parent statistics and numbers.

Some of the key points from the reports were as follows:► As of 2013, 28% of children were living with a single parent.

This was quite a high number in comparison to 85% of fathers from two married parent families, and 62% mothers in two married parent families. In 2009, 39% of employed single mothers had a low-wage job.

In 2012, 48% of single parents worked full-time, all through the year, and approximately 24% were not employed at any time of the year.► Single parents in the U. have low wages, in that, these are usually lower than most other U. Note: A low wage is defined as an hourly wage that is less than two-thirds of the median hourly wage.► In 2012, single mother families earned median wages of ,493―which was 31% of the ,455 median wages that were earned by two parent families.

In 2013, 56% of single parents had only one child, whereas 30% had two children.► It was studied that of the single parents, most had attended high school and a majority had even attended college.

According to the figures collected in 2013, 85% of single parents had graduated high school, 54% had attended college, and at least 18% had a Bachelor's degree.► In 2013, it was studied that 69% of all single parents were employed.

Note: Child poverty is linked to poor health and school dropout tendencies, and adult outcomes which include joblessness, as well as reduced economic output which is estimated to be 4% of Gross Domestic Product.► In 2013, 33% of single parent families were tagged as being 'food insecure' and 13% used the services of a food pantry for their meals.► In 2012, 11% of children from single parent families and 27% single parents had no health care coverage.

Furthermore, in 2013, over 70% of the families in homeless shelters were single parent households.► In 2011, 42% of single parent households experienced at least 1 of the 9 hardships measured by the Census Bureau as compared to 22% of the population as a whole.► In 2011, 18% of single parent households had unpaid rent or mortgage, 5% had a utility disconnected, 11% a phone disconnected, and 12% had an unmet need for a doctor.

In the figures collected in 2012, 41% of poor children lived with two unmarried (9%) or two married (32%) parents, 28% lived with a never-married parent, 22% with a divorced or separated single parent, and 8% with no parent.In 2013, 55% of the children who were a part of single parent homes, were living with a parent who was separated, divorced, or widowed.As opposed to 45% who were a never-married parent.► Women make up for a majority of single parents. Furthermore, 85% of the children living with a single parent were living with their mother.► In 2013, 46% of single parents were non-Hispanic White, 28% were Black, 23% were Hispanic, and 3% were Asians.► It was found that most single parents do not have more than 2 children.On the other hand, if the child has grown up with one parent around since a very young age, then the bond between the parent and the child is certainly stronger.The negative effects on such a child are much lesser.

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