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Overall, Belarus truly offers high-quality women suited for marriage material.

Minsk is perhaps the most isolated European capital and remains a part of one of the few Soviet time capsules that still exist today.

With that said, be sure to come prepared with your own clothes, as you won’t find any of the main brands you’d find in Europe during your stay in Belarus.

The Belarusian Ruble, symbolized by BYN, underwent a redenomination in 2016 where the BYR was retired. If you’d like to see the current market rate, check out XE currency for more information.

In essence, you could get away without needing any paper currency during your stay in Belarus, minus the odd payment for a metro token when needed.

Due to recent changes, it is now easier than ever to visit Belarus. The most common and easiest way to visit Belarus would be to visit visa-free for 5 days.

The opportunity for visas have opened for many countries, and visa prices have been slashed for U. The next option would be a short-term single entry tourist visa, which will allow you and 3 week to 1-month stay, depending on the person or agency giving the letter of invitation.

I rate Belarusian Women slightly below their Russian and Ukrainian counterparts.

The Belarusian girls in Minsk dress more conservatively than their cousins.

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