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The point is not whose church you go to, but rather that you bring it all home. It’s tempting to put off decisions about how you will share your faith (or ignore it) until you have your first child. If you are Catholic, this question will be part of your marriage preparation.Discussing how you will raise your children can clarify how committed each of you is to your faith and beliefs.But no matter what, every single day I still manage to find time to be spiritual.This is not to say that I am more spiritual, or more special than you.Share them with your beloved and chart how you will live out your beliefs and values together. That’s nice, but it’s more important to talk about what God means to you, what spiritual practices you find meaningful, and how you can support each other once you are married.If only one spouse believes that faith is important, how does he or she stay motivated to attend services if the other is sleeping or recreating?Let’s say you are both religious, but from different religions.Perhaps you share spirituality but not a church home.

(Interchurch couples are Christians of different denominations, e.g., a Baptist and a Catholic or a Methodist and a Presbyterian).Certainly some spouses, strongly committed to their faith, will continue to worship regularly and be active church members, but it’s harder to go alone, split financial support, and devote time to two separate congregations. If each of you belongs to a different faith tradition, learn more about the beliefs of that religion.The solutions to these dilemmas are as unique as the couples who marry. You’re not trying to convert the other but to understand what shapes your partner’s values. I have a goal of exercising six days a week, but lately have only been managing three. I cook, and have a 50/50 chance of my family actually wanting to eat what I make.

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I'm also building a business as a meditation teacher.

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