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[MAPS] – Updated Seaside and Breach with the latest versions from CS: GO Steam Workshop. Abandoning the match after you ‘ACCEPT’ will result in a penalty.Breach: – Improved clipping – Fixed hole in bushes at mid – Removed window on top of ladder – Removed a bunch of pixelwalks Seaside: – Re-added trigger_bomb_reset to water zone – Fixed boost spots in T-spawn and outside B Deck. [LINUX] – Game server logs on Linux are now using a separate thread to write the data to filesystem which improves performance of the game server main thread.This is what Valve suggests users to do in this case.Please exit Steam and go to the folder called C:\Program Files\Steam\ (this is the default location for a Steam installation - if you set a different installation directory, you will need to browse to it).

You basically can delete all files except and the steamapps folder.

Keep in mind that you have to log in to Steam again if you delete all the local files, and that Steam may furthermore pick up the PC as a new computer which requires extra validation.

Valve basically sends a verification code to the primary account email address that you need to enter before you can complete the sign in.

If deleting the local game contents did not work, you could try and re-install Steam instead.

I personally would not get my hopes up to high, as it basically has the same effect as deleting the majority of files in the Steam folder so that they are retrieved from the Steam servers again.

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– Reduced friendly fire damage from Zeus-x27 in Danger Zone matches.

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