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(-From the Ogden Standard-Examiner, July 25, 1922.)Burt was making his fourth ride of the night and was insistent on standing up during the ride.

He eventually lost his balance, slipped out – hung onto the car -- and was dragged 30 feet down one incline and partially up another, before he lost his grip and suffered the fatal fall.

However, rest assured that statistically, you are far more likely to be injured, or killed in a car accident on the way to/or from Lagoon Amusement Park, Farmington, Utah, than on any of the park’s attractions.

Let’s do some statistics – Lagoon has likely averaged about 1 million visitors a season during the past 3 or so decades.

The young man disagreed with that action, but she stood up anyway, the boat rocked and both fell out. "Railroad man is killed at Lagoon." Albert Fulton, 27, a Denver & Rio Grande Railroad employee, died at Lagoon on July 15, 1914 when he struck his head on the bottom of the pool and fractured his skull.

He leaped from the pool’s high dive and struck his head on the bottom.

He was under the water 10 minutes before he was located, pulled out and resuscitation was used unsuccessfully.

Marler was fatally injured when he attempted to dive head first in the shallow part of the park's swimming pool. 4, 1952.) Ryan Beckstead, 6, of Bountiful, was killed on the “Puff the Little Fire Dragon” ride at Lagoon on April 30, 1989.

He fractured his neck and injured his back, later passing away in a Salt Lake hospital. "Body found at Lagoon." An unidentified man, between the ages of 50-60, was found drowned in the Lagoon Swimming pool by workers. This mini children’s roller coaster did not malfunction.

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