Text an fuck no credit card

They have the same products, the same services and the same attitude towards customers.

The unlikely pairing does make a little sense, considering it was Virgin Records that signed the Sex Pistols.Or a cashback card featuring Abba’s ‘money, money, money’ or Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’ would have some sort of consistency between message, form and function.Tying in the Sex Pistols monicker of ‘Anarchy in the U. to a credit card, is like tying the Beattle’s ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ to a dollar bill, it’s just disjointed.To celebrate Virgin’s musical heritage, we have produced an exclusive set of Sex Pistols credit card designs – to bring a bit of rebellion to your wallet.” Credit cards, corporate profits, and consumerism are the antithesis of punk rock and it’s no wonder criticism of the cards has erupted in social media circles. It was originally formed back in 2001 for people who were/are already married or attached in relationships, but are still seeking to have a discreet extramarital affair with someone.

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