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That wasn't bad enough but the service and product are not very good. When I leave home on vacation, I set up out-of-home streaming on my i Pad.

We were never able to sync our TV to the Ti Vo remote despite several phone calls to customer service. Ti Vo should not consider this inquiry to be "CLOSED" until they reimburse me for items they are in possession. This works for a day or two, although often the Ti Vo app requires me to setup again.

I cancelled my account with Ti Vo after 15 or so years.

When I talked to the CSR she said it would cost me .00 to cancel.

My original Bolt DVR had a hard disk failure after being used for two years.

I was told to return it, and I bought a refurbished unit from Ti Vo for . After reading all the negative postings here, I hope it performs! As of mid-June, their app to watch On Demand programming through Comcast/Xfinity has expired.

This has been extremely noticeable over the last few weeks with Wimbledon on the BBC.

Not a lot of changes to my T6 but the three column My Shows is very nice. I pay 0/month for cable, and watch On Demand constantly.To not be able to access it because Ti Vo never bothered to keep the app up to date is unacceptable, irresponsible and very poor planning on Ti Vo's part.Even more annoying is the effect that this has on any recordings that are set to record AFTER the live programme or event that has over-ran, as Ti Vo will still record things at their originally scheduled times, so you either get just half of the programme, or if it's showing much later in the evening, none of it at all.I can't wait for the Olympics, what a lovely mess the schedule listings will be on Ti Vo for that 17 days!

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Does this Update include remote (out of house) streaming?

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