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Are there many British Indian females open to dating white guys?I've only ever really come across my ex and one other girl wjo I briefly dated.what are British indian females values, wants, Needs etc when it comes to dating white guys or guys not of their race??Now I understand that some Indian females have family and culture constraints and find it hard to be in relationships with men outside their race but I'd love an insight from those who are open minded and families wouldn't mind. I'm a male Pakistani and us Indians and Pakistanis do tend to experience pretty much the same culture.Also, a British Indian girl will have infinitely more in common with you than an Indian guy from India, in my opinion.

I'm hoping to get some clarity on relationship situations. I'm a British white male and in the past I've been in a long term relationship with a British Indian female (from the Punjabi culture).

The reason why i personally prefer to date an Indian guy is because he understands my culture, we can pass it on to our children, im quite a political person too so our allegiences would be more likely to tie in together, i have a dual identity of british/western born and indian and hed share that, he wouldn't force me for sex before marriage, hed understand that his family has to approach mine to marry me and we have a shared religion, hinduism, of which i wish to learn more about. Just respect her parents and assure her family that the kids will have a sense of their indian culture and x religion as well as yours.

If youre looking to date an indian girl and be accepted by her family, in particular, you need to have an understanding of our mildly- moderately conservative culture. Indian parents are most worried about that if anything. When i say prefer, yeh it is a preference to keep marriages within the race/religion etc but you can easily find an Indian girl with an accepting family.

However, not all Indian families would approve of their daughter marrying a white guy. I know a white girl whose dad disowned her just because she married a black guy.

I'd say just go for a girl online who suits your needs. I'm a white guy, I often find Indian women attractive, but if there's no connection- That said I have met a couple I clicked with perfectly. Im a British Indian girl and personally I would prefer to date a western born indian boy (im dating an australian indian boy).

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British indians are known for assimilating relatively well and integrating socially with other cultures.

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