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It comes up on the screen that it is updating the maps and then the message disappears and it does not update anything.It doesn't show a status at all and no message appears that it is finished.

The nav update is ready to download from the HERE website. You must use a 2.0 thumb drive with at least 32gb free space after you download the installer app.If I turn the car off and open / close the door, and restart the RDX, this pop up message is gone, even with leaving the USB inserted.This leads me to believe that I need to keep the RDX running for the entire update!? I noticed that after I insert the USB drive, it is detected and does say Updating navigation map. But if I go to Home and back to Navigation, it pops up the same message every time.If it's so easy to obtain, then why are you coming on here and asking us how to get it? Especially when you know that this board is read by Acura employees who might not appreciate your attempted theft, and who might mention it to the company. I also notice that you have items for sale in your signature.

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