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Measurements you will need, the front length of your cabinets (measurement 1 and 3) and you need the return to the wall measurement (4 and 2) 3.

Glue and Nail the Header Pieces Together: It is easiest to secure the molding corners before installing them above your head. Then glue and nail the mitered corner of the header together, be sure to keep the corner square.

Open the doors to your cabinets and use a clamp or two to hold the header in place.

Sidenote: Since I feature a lot of painted kitchen remodels, I get a LOT of comments about how people can’t paint their cabinets, usually a spouse is not okay with painting for one reason or another.

(Piece 1 to 2, be sure to keep the finished side of the wood out) Because the length of our cabinets was longer than the wood, we did a scarf joint (shown below).

Try to place any scarf joints in inconspicuous places. Nail Cleats to wall Use 4 small scrap pieces of wood (1″ x 3″ no more than 5 inches tall) as cleats for the header.

Follow the drying instructions on the stain before applying polyurethane to the boards.

Spray(or brush) with Polyurethane and allow them to dry.

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Note about the crown: We couldn’t find any solid wood oak molding at any local home stores, or even lumber stores.

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