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So, let’s say you’re working with the Content Search web part in SP2013 and you’ve got it displaying the correct items.

Presentation covers following topics: Webcast presenters: Bert Jansen, Vesa Juvonen Presentation used in this web cast is available from Dev Pn P.Anyway, if we break down the issues we’d like to fix, we would say: This determines the overall style of the presentation – it’s effectively the “outer HTML” that is output.I’d say List will be the most commonly-used value, but it’s great to see List with Paging come for free. These are very much like ‘slots’ in the Content Query web part – they are a feature of the Item Display Template which is selected (specified in Java Script). ‘Picture URL’, ‘Line 1’ etc.), and you can ‘map’ some specific fields which exist on your list item. This means that if you only need to get a different field displayed in an existing slot, you can do this modifying XSL (CQWP) or Java Script (CSWP).As you change the selected Item Display Template in the dropdown, the Property Mappings section in the CSWP tool pane will change accordingly, allowing the mapping for each slot.Once configured appropriately (see next section), “Picture on left, 3 lines on right” can have 3 lines of information displayed: Whereas “Two lines” of course, will give you no picture and just two lines: We’d probably say that “Two lines” works just fine for unless you do happen to want thumbnails (e.g.

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