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After the initial download from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, please launch the game to automatically download the remaining game data.The total download size is 16GB and download times will vary depending on internet connection speeds.Unauthorized copying, reverse engineering, transmission, public performance, rental, pay for play, or circumvention of copy protection is strictly prohibited. Rockstar Games, Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto, the GTA Five, the GTA Online and the Rockstar Games R* marks and logos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. For the unconventional, the Coil Brawler is a luxury sports-styled off-roader with raised suspension and a 400 horsepower engine that will muscle its way over any terrain.If top speed is what matters most, the Progen T20 is among the fastest cars to ever arrive in Los Santos, while the Dinka Vindicator motorcycle adds agility and speed, featuring a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) that stores energy from braking and delivers a burst of speed on activation.Also try Adversary Modes, new Daily Objectives and other Freemode activities.It’s that most wonderful time of the year in Los Santos. At first i thought it was netflix but then i tried streaming a movie from my PC using windows media center and the same problem occurs. 5 Confirm that you wish to run the Initial Setup utility. Every time i'm trying to watch a movie on netflix my xbox restarts completely.

In other news, the Ill-Gotten Gains Update Part 2 brings the debut of a new radio station, The Lab on all four console versions of GTAV. No and the Chemical Bro., The Lab features all new tracks created by The Alchemist and Oh No and inspired by their work on the original score for GTAV, with featuring guest appearances from Killer Mike, Little Dragon, Earl Sweatshirt, Phantogram, Freddie Gibbs and more.) But the part that says downloading update, and a much bigger bar, i can not budge at all, i've done all the normal tricks like turning off the router and all that stuff but i still can't get this update, any idea/could someone please help me?? The update is also available on stick it on a usb stick load it from there. The USB flash drive must use the FAT32 file system.Plug your USB flash drive into a USB port on your computer. Click Save to save the console update file on your computer. If you are using Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, double-click the file to unzip it.I really don't feel like spending 0 on a playstation. I rather pay 0 and buy either an apple tv or roku to stream stuff @ssjmichael can i stream my windows media center stuff to a ps3? you could sell the idiot box and buy a streaming device and pocket 50 bucks if you only need it for streaming... I can be watching a movie and sometimes it will restart 3-4 times, after a while the xbox warms up or something and it won't restart anymore. I've already tried this but it seems to only restore the settings, I want to reinstall the entire firmware/update if possible 1 Turn on your Xbox 360. Once the utility completes, your Xbox will be restarted and you will be brought back to your Dashboard.I really don't feel like spending 0 on a playstation. I rather pay 0 and buy either an apple tv or roku to stream stuff if you only need it for streaming... If you have a game inserted and it starts automatically, press the "Xbox" button and then "Y" to go to the Dashboard. You may need to perform a firmware update to play games or connect to Xbox Live.

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I tried to get the update for Xbox Live, and every time it fails.

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