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Firstly your game is safe and you don’t have to be paranoid when lending the disc to a friend.The game stored on hard drive loads faster than when loading from disc and there is no noise from optical drive in the first case.So if you really really do need to play online, you cannot have the jailbreak too.However, playing splitscreen games or local LAN multiplayer does not need PSN access and will still work on jailbroken PS3s. Sony Hates Jailbreak Unlike Apple, Sony is way more anti jailbreak. When I swapped my HDD I bought 1.5tb external HDD for like £80.00. The best way is with an HDMI cable from the Back of the PS3 to the back of your HDTV and the HDMI plug slot there. With the cost you will be putting into the system already if your TV is an old one without plug spots in the back go out and buy a TV rather than something to allow hook up of…

To back up the saves in your PS3 all you have to do is get a USB (Preferably a 4GB one so you can fit all of your saves on there) And plug it into your PS3's USB port from there you go to one of your saves press triangle then scroll down to copy, then it will say destination to copy to (Or something like that) And you click USB or whatever your USB…HDTV connection with the A/V cable will only provide a standard 480i video and a HDMI cable is normally purchased and used…No every different model PS3 ( 8 FAT and 8 Slim)has to have the harddrive configured to that model and if your friend's is not the same exact model PS3 it will not work on your PS3 until you do the downloads and then would need to be updated to be put back in his and of course his information would need to be back up so it could be loaded in like he was…The jack that looks like a phone jack in the back of a PS3 is for the ethernet cable.When I upgraded my HDD I bought an external HDD backed up ALL of the data on my PS3. TO get it back to your PS3 system you would have to use an external HDD and just copy everything over. There are several possible root causes for this error but ultimately the PS3 is losing connection and is unable to reconnect.

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The latest release of Multiman Software has an app called Showtime which lets you play even 1080p HD MKV videos from both internal and external hard drives. Ability to Backup Games for Disk-less Play Wouldn’t it be so great if you could backup that BD game disc you purchased before it gained enough scratches to render it unplayable.

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