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Update Balance() End Sub Private Sub Update Balance() Dim counter As Integer Dim balance As Integer Dim deposit As Integer Dim withdrawal As Integer ' Iterate through the rows, skipping the Starting Balance Row. Value Is Nothing Then ' Verify that the cell value is not an empty string. I would like to manipulate a cell in my Data Grid View when it is validating so that if the user enters a value that is not valid for the database, but is easily converted to valid data, the program will change the value to an appropriate one.I am able to validate my value properly but when I try to change it to something valid I get a Data Error. You should never attempt to change the cell value in the handler for this event, because unless you cancel the event (in which case the user is stuck in edit mode), the cell value is set to the value from the editing control immediately after the event finishes.

Load ' Initialize the Binding Source and bind the Data Grid View to it. Data Source = Get Data("select * from Customers") Grid View1. Auto Resize Columns( _ Data Grid View Auto Size Columns Mode. private void Data Grid View1_Cell Value Changed( object sender, Data Grid View Cell Event Args e) private void Data Grid View1_Rows Removed( object sender, Data Grid View Rows Removed Event Args e) private void Update Balance() Private Sub Cell Value Changed(By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As Data Grid View Cell Event Args) _ Handles Data Grid View1. Cell Value Changed ' Update the balance column whenever the values of any cell changes. So basically if they put data in row 0 – column 0, I want to ensure that row 0 – column 1, row 0 – column 2 and so on... I need this for validation reasons before this will be committed to the database. If the fields are not all filled in for that row, I want to display a message containing the rows that need to be fixed. Here's an update, I have figured out what needed to be done.

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Using Windows Authentication (also known as integrated security) is a more secure way to control access to a database.

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