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“The feeling was that there was not space to say stuff that we were unhappy with, without getting oppressed or fired,” he said.Henry, who is currently appearing in King Hedley II at Theatre Royal Stratford East, also argued that improving the “terrible” diversity in television would not improve with initiatives such as unconscious bias training and mentorships, and called for stronger financial commitment from broadcasters.

Speaking at a House of Lords committee on media diversity, the actor said black, Asian and minority ethnicity workers need safe spaces “to vent their feelings without fearing the noose”.

It has come to my attention that a few of you are pissed off at me because I said some stuff about Bafta the other night at the Sony Awards. BAFTA is a massive organization that awards excellence in our industry – to quote from their web site: The...

The town was very welcoming – business was good and the theatre was a joy to play.

She said: “We would all like to be in a nice comfy bra and nice big pants and when you are in a secure relationship you can do that.” She joked: “I’m in the big pants again. Speaking of the divorce, she said: “Bit tricky at the end, bit sad, bit of a shame, but at all times the ending of it was a tribute to the way it had always been, with great kindness and massive respect for each other and an understanding that we share a daughter.

“And so we must behave in a civil way and we have no desire to do anything other than that. Everything that needed to be said was said behind closed doors, loudly, fuelled by alcohol, a lot of it.

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I’m really looking forward to the tour of Pop Life.

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