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She started dating a musician Linda Perry in 2011, and till now they look like two lovebirds.In 2014 the women made their love official and tied a knot.She attended a local school, and at a very early age fell in love with music.The girl tried to form a band in a company of her friends, but wasn’t successful in it.In spite of high commercial success, soon Perry left the band because of personal issues.

The woman performed in night clubs, and soon her talented strong voice attracted attention of other scenesters.

After being picked up by CBS the previous year, was now averaging 1.83 million viewers per episode, beating out other competitors.

During that same year, however, Sara and her longtime girlfriend Allison Adler split after 10 years together.

First of all, she founded her own label, named “Rockstar Records”.

Then she released a debut album “In Flight”, which gained some popularity.

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Throughout the next few years, Linda made several guest appearances on the popular CBS show to promote her charity work and new music.

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