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Unfortunately for all the avid “Morning Joe” watchers out there, the interviewer decided to completely bail when it came time to have some balls and actually ask the question: So are you two dating or what?The only thing worse than hearing about Scarborough’s political aspirations is hearing him yammer on about his time in Congress. Joe: Well, you know, as always I defer to Mika on whatever she says (laughs).Getting back to their relationship, here’s what they said: Mika: I mean look, I don’t really want to talk about my personal life, but since I’m on television I have to assume that it’s fair game if people want to report on the fact that I’m divorced, which is a really sad and a hard time for my family and I consider it a failure, and a sad, hard, difficult, traumatic time for everybody in my family. I don’t have any plans to be very public in general about my personal life because I’m just right now very worried about everybody in my family and that was hard to have those headlines out there. I didn’t push back that much to the fact that they wanted to do a big story on it, but it was hard. I totally agree with her it’s a tough enough time for Mika and sorting through everything.Her father, Zbigniew Brzezinski was a former National Security Advisor and a University teacher and her mother Emilie Anna Benesova was a grandniece of Czechoslovakia.Moreover, Brzezinski grew up along with her two brothers.

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