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I'm trying to come up with the politically correct way to describe my love of my new #loropiana unborn-unicorn-leather-soft black hoodie... A post shared by Val Kilmer (@valkilmerofficial) on The actor has not commented on the new cancer rumors and likely won’t in the near future.It took Kilmer years to come clean about throat cancer, and he is generally a very private person.Kilmer battled throat cancer in 2015 and was forced to have a tracheal tube put in to aid in breathing.He eventually underwent chemotherapy and finally came clean about the disease last year.that Kilmer’s health took a shocking turn after doctors discovered that he has brain cancer.Kilmer just celebrated turning 58 on New Year’s Eve, and his friends are worried that this will be his last birthday.Val Kilmer could also serve as a role model to her daughter when it comes to higher education.

His big breakthrough was when he took a part in a spoof movie on spy movies entitled Top Secret! In this movie set in the time of WWII Val Kilmer plays an American rock'n'roll singer who becomes involved the Resistance movement in order to save a scientist captured and imprisoned in East Germany.If that is the case, then the disease could pretty much end up anywhere in the body.We can only hope that Kilmer is still on his treatments and that the cancer is contained as quickly as possible.He has also made amends with his estranged brother, with whom he had a major falling out because of his religious beliefs.As a Christian Scientist, Kilmer does not believe in using modern medicine to heal disease.

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