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While the Brits often favour a more reserved attitude to courtship, Italians prefer the direct approach, with a cheeky ice-breaker ready for any occasion.Whether on the phone, asking for directions, or almost anywhere else, they've got the perfect line, and we spoke to Italians and expats alike to find out some of the best.I’m waiting because I know when God creates something he never messes up but makes it with a purpose and a design. As difficult as waiting can sometimes be, it’s not a task because I know when I get married my husband and I will commit ourselves to each other alone; there won’t be any heartache and we will be able to enjoy the true purpose of sex.” “I chose to save sex for marriage firstly because God’s way always turns out better.Secondly, because I loved and respected my partner enough to give him my best (not what others have test driven and disrespected).Given my past, we chose to make stronger boundaries.We kept our word on saving sex for marriage, possibly the strongest temptation a dating couple face.I am not comparing myself to other women or worrying about whether he will find someone else attractive or better than me, not only because he saved himself only for me – but also because he has great self-control and discipline to have done so in the first place.“ “Joshua was my first boyfriend and the only boy I’ve ever kissed.It was a powerful moment standing at the alter knowing we had waited to have sex just with each other.

“I was single for six years before I started dating my now husband Nick.

Even without a Christian faith, I grieved the actions I had taken.

It wasn’t a trusted relationship and in hindsight, it was a decision made out of my brokenness – a need for approval and love.

Sex is something we’ve only experienced with each other so it’s really special.” “My decision to remain a virgin until my wedding night wasn’t based purely on being a Christian.

I learned the benefits, the pros and cons, and I decided for myself that it was the best course of action.

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I’m thankful Joshua is the only man I’ve ever been with.

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