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At the beginning of the spring 1992., members of bands Ekatarina Velika (EKV), Partibrejkers and Electrical Orgasmus , were invited to participate in the anti-war campaign which was, amog other things, fighting against violent mobilization.

Hypothesis is, that, „despite all of the efforts, cultural diplomacy as a mediator, was not able to achieve her task, because the increased nationalism as a tool of states politics was to strong.“ and in its orginal sense was reffering to ground processing and caring about the domestic animals.This question will be examined through interdisciplinary framework, connecting together fields like cultural diplomacy, identity and cultural happenings during the war in former Yugoslavia.The emphasis will be placed on interwoven terms of cultural diplomacy and political propaganda, as well the music and film industry as a potential instruments of mediation.They have composed a song called „“, which was supposed to, with anti –war lyrics, invite the general public to commit against the war.Song, which was released by the Radio B92 (at that time considered as the most liberal Serbian media), till nowdays is probably one of the most important anti-war songs.

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„Versions of this view have produced theories of multiculturalism, refering to equal value of different cultures, so that we can speak about more definitions of culture.

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