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Whenever a Hit Zone is filled with damage, any further damage goes to the zone above it.So once your Minor Hearts are full of damage, any attack with a height of 1-5 will go to Major Hearts.It's just that here having a shield also grants some minor passive bonuses too. I'm going to flesh it out and work out the kinks when I get to writing the Combat chapter.I had a lot of fun playing in an alternate Zelda universe using the Savage Worlds rules.I believe the data indicated they wanted to have influence on events, but not affect major changes.

Duncan mentions sending a continent to meet with Stilgar and how well that went, you play those characters, the first members of House Atreides to meet the Fremen."I'm not aiming exactly for the same thing, but the fact is that even within the context of a setting so tightly attached to a standard canon, players often want very much to play within that canon, telling their own adventures. A lot of the stories have not involved Zelda or Ganon at all...

I'm fairly proud of what I've done so far, though obviously this is destined to be a non-commercial product since it is 100% a Zelda game (and we all know how Nintendo feels about fanworks based on their IPs).

I'm currently in the process of assembling the Combat Rules, which has some significant deviations from standard ORE (such as eliminating the Wound silhouette in favor of a damage severity system). Definitely saving this to take a closer look this weekend. Some of my favorite parts of any Zelda games were Majora's Mask where you get to be a Deku or Zoe's or Goron.

Always excited to see new takes on capturing the Zelda flavor in a TTRPG.

I've never played ORE, but the system really got me curious.

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