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Mngangagwa won the presidential election, though the results are being challenged in court.

The government and security forces have been accused of a violent crackdown on MDC opposition supporters since the vote.

Many social media users were shocked after the urban grooves veteran Tererai Mugwadi announced through her official Facebook page that she has quit music.

Her announcement comes a few weeks after she opened up about her 14 year battle with alcohol.Zimbomingle is one of the most popular dating sites that connects people who want to connect from all walks of life.The dating site asks a person to join and set up a profile and you are good to mingle with other Zimbos.Today we talk of smart homes, smart cities, what’s next? Many married people or many people met their great or greatest love online on a digital platform like Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.In case you want to try your luck online, in the 21st century, you can try these few sites.

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Music and I have been besties since I can remember.

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